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Finding it hard to locate additional gum cancer resources? Want to know where to find more information?

Gum cancer is a very rare form of oral cancer and few articles, research and studies exist on the disease. For this reason gum cancer is often grouped under oral or mouth cancers on other sites and in research. We recommend visiting the gum cancer resources listed below and also recommend our oral cancer and mouth cancer resource pages for more information. Click the links below to visit those pages.

Below is our list of gum cancer resources. This is a good place to connect you to many of the quality gum cancer resources available on the Internet. Let us know if you are familiar with another site, article or link that we have left off and we will add it to our list of gum cancer resources.

Our Top 3 Gum Cancer Resources

American Cancer Society Oral Cavity and Oropharyngeal Cancer Detailed Guide*- Overview of oral and oropharyngeal cancer. Includes oral cancer information (which also includes the gums) on statistics, risk factors, causes, prevention, detection, diagnosis, staging, treating, post treatment and additional resources.

The American Cancer Society page is also a great place to begin to look for all sorts of cancer resources.

Gum Cancer from Overview of gum cancer, its symptoms, causes and treatments.

*Although this link does not deal specifically with gum cancer information can be found throughout it on cancer of the gums and the site is highly recommended for its authoritative content

More Gum Cancer Resources

Cancer Facts and Figures 2011– The American Cancer Society’s concise document with statistics and information on all different types of cancer, including mouth cancer.*

Gum Biopsy from Medline Plus- Information on how to prepare for a biopsy, how the test is performed, how it will feel, why is performed and what the results mean.

Links to our other gum cancer resources:

Our other pages dedicated to different aspects of gum cancer will provide you with an overview of the disease. The links below will take you to the desired topic.

Many of the characteristics, causes and symptoms of gum cancer are similar to those of the other types of oral cancer. If you would like links to more research on these types of cancer click on the links below:

We ask that you support our oral cancer community by suggesting new gum cancer resources that we do not currently have listed here. If you are familiar with any sites, links, or articles we have missed please let us know about them by leaving a message in the comment box below. If you will leave the URL (or web address) we will add them to our growing list. It is because of people like you that we are able to make this site even better.

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